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- Recruitment in Mexican communities with agricultural vocation.

- Interview and selection of personnel that meets job profile requirements.

- High-performance training at Big Force Academy, Mexico.

o Physical fitness training.

o Training and practice of the entire agricultural process.

o Values for work, coexistence, and personal improvement.

- Processing of H-2A and for each worker.

- Transportation from their home community to the U.S.

- Mexico border, and from there to the employer's ranch. At the end of the season, transportation from the work center to their community of origin.

Our in-service includes:

- Labor assistance and administrative services.

- Immediate response to requested personnel.

- Adjustable schedules for work shifts.

- Quality control of harvests.

- Permanent supervision.

- Training programs for supervisors.

- Labor legislation.

- Background investigation.

- Drug and disease testing.

- Customer service representatives.

- Complete processes from soil preparation, and planting, to final product packaging.

- Specialization in strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, squash, chili, tomato, melon, eggplant, watermelon, and coffee.

No more turnover problems!

With Big Force's labor you will have a highly qualified, stable and reliable workforce to achieve exponential production growth, year after year.


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