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About Us


We are a family business with Mexican roots looking to make an impact in the United States. We boost the productivity of the countryside through the most valuable resource: its people.


We discovered that the formation of a high-performance workforce in the farms' activities makes everything flourish, grow, and bear extraordinary fruits, both for farmers and farm workers.


That's the reason that years ago we created the Big Force Academy Mexico, a high-performance training model that prepares the workforce at Mexican ranches.


Every season, through the H-2A program, Mexican and Latin American workers come to the United States. Our specialty is providing high productivity and quality service to agricultural industries.


Big Force is more than a workforce. It is a team with capabilities, values, and goals focused on high performance. Our purpose is to generate results for the productivity of your company and to transform the lives of the families of workers.


At Big Force, we believe that it is possible to change the quality of migration and to generate a working model that contributes to a more just, productive, and hopeful world for families and communities from both sides of the border.


Meet The Team


Zulema Cruz



Jessica Cruz

Vice President


Hector Cruz


WhatsApp Image 2024-01-04 at 4.04.39 PM.jpeg

Martín Gómez

New Business Development

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 Pedro Rodríguez 

New Business Development


To cultivate trust every day in all that we do, to guarantee welfare and results to the Mexican and Latin American farm workers.

To grow the H2A high-performance workforce to increase productivity and yield levels in the North American field, generating immediate profits for employers, as well as for workers and their families.


To consolidate our position as a safe, regulated, and orderly temporary labor corridor, with a high-performance, efficient, and reliable workforce that boosts the agricultural potential of our country.

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